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Lexical can embed these solutions in your workplace along with machine learning experts to advance your organizations capabilities.

Lexical Machine Learning Technology

Content Classification

Lexical offers content classification services to help institutions worldwide organize their data into well-structured groups for analysis. Using best-in-class machine learning technology, Lexical can identify trending topics, categorize similar documents, and rank the most pertinent information, allowing organizations to enhance their decision-making capabilities and competitive awareness.

Customizable Machine Learning Platform

Lexical's customizable machine learning application, Safinia™, provides analysts with the ability to run their organization's raw data against a suite of pre-trained models tuned to deliver cutting-edge results without the labor and expense of developing their own platform. Safinia™ was tuned specifically to meet the analytics needs of the biomedical research community, allowing for higher quality results and deeper insights than standard machine learning platforms.

Semantic Data Linking

Lexical AI™ provides large-scale data mining and semantic linking technology that allows organizations to track research outputs with unprecedented accuracy and thoroughness. These capabilities allow organizations to deeply analyze how their current research connects with other publicly funded research to better drive goals and outcomes of future projects.

Disambiguation & Recognition Software

Lexical AI™ offers a suite of disambiguation and variable recognition software platforms. We are currently offering services in citation resolution, patent linking, content linking, organization disambiguation, name entity recognition, drug recognition, medical device recognition, and author disambiguation. These services provide your organization the ability to draw deep linkages from your portfolio to other publicly and privately funded research.

Safinia: Collaborative AI

Safinia™ is a secure, cloud-based artificial intelligence platform that enhances people’s abilities to make high-value decisions quickly.

Safinia’s suite of collaborative AI tools provides decision-makers in the life sciences with the real-time knowledge they need to drive health research and innovation. Safinia’s features include Entity Awareness, Research Intelligence, and Decision Assist.

Entity Awareness
Research Intelligence
Decision Assist
Scalable Machine Learning
Data Cleaning
Custom Data Sets

Entity Awareness

Entity Awareness provides the ability to recognize and disambiguate people, places, and things (drugs, diseases, devices, treatments, organizations) across and within data sets. Messy data is automatically cleaned and linked using state-of-the-art machine learning and computational semantic models.



Research Intelligence

Research Intelligence enables proprietary data overlays against a vast biomedical research and funding landscape to identify unique touchpoints and insights that no one else has into custom data sets.



Decision Assist

Decision Assist uses artificial intelligence to collaboratively determine areas of research that actively inform forward decision making. Decision Assist uses highly scalable machine learning techniques to organize and present the knowledge that it learns from very large data sets.