Lexical Intelligence brings together technical capability, analytic experience, and deep subject matter expertise to deliver AI solutions to policy and decision makers in the Federal Government as well as the private sector.

Lexical’s Core Capabilites


Lexical hosts a suite of machine learning platforms specializing in processing and analyzing data for the biomedical field, and the grant funding organizations in the sector.



Lexical offers consulting services to help your organization process it’s data using the cutting-edge Lexical AI suite of machine learning software to measure the success of scientific programs and funding. 



Lexical partners with the Analytic Research Institute to train the next generation of data analytics professionals. The Lexical team stays up to date on new technology and modern approaches.



Subject Matter Experts

Lexical Intelligence specializes in recruiting data analysts, data scientists, software engineers, programmers, developers, statisticians, and designers.




News & Articles


Biomedical Data Linking

Tremendous amounts of biomedical research data have been generated and collected at an ever-increasing speed and scale. For example, PubMed, a primary source of biomedical research literature covering nearly 100 years of publications, is adding articles at an...

Death to Dashboards

Abstract Akin to slot machines in a broken down casino, data dashboards project a jumbled mix of jarring graphics designed to coerce users into clicking sporadically in the increasingly despondent hope of stumbling upon any information of value. Data dashboards need...