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Lexical Intelligence can affect change throughout the process of your project, or help optimize individual elements of your plan. Take advantage of our services below, or embed Lexical experts in your office to help manage your projects.

Research Funding Impact Analysis

Lexical offers research funding evaluation services to help organizations and institutions track the success of their funded ventures. Using large scale data mining and semantic linking technology, Lexical can identify key publications, patents and other research outputs produced as a result of the granted capital. This will allow the funding organization to track the outcomes of past and on-going projects to enhance decision making capabilities when considering future funding opportunities.

Data Analytics & Data Cleaning

Data can be a dirty business! Data quality issues can severely impact the results of any analysis. Lexical uses its years of experience working with a variety of data sets and information to link, deduplicate and clean data prior to analytic use.

Analyses produced by Lexical are known for their quality and accuracy and remains the reason our clients consistently describe our work as “outstanding”.

Industry Trend Analysis

Lexical AI provides research organizations and institutions the ability to benchmark their funded work against historical trends in the broader biomedical research landscape. This enables leadership the ability to deeply analyze how their current research connects with publicly funded research to better drive goals and outcomes of future projects.

Research Portfolio Analysis

Research portfolio analysis is critical for research administrators and decision makers to evaluate their portfolios and prioritize initiatives. Lexical’s multidisciplinary team provides deep subject matter expertise paired with cutting-edge analytic tools to assess the impact, gaps and future direction of funded research.

This work has been presented to government leadership, received numerous excellence awards and has been published in several peer-reviewed journals.